Guys…theres a huge chance that the Queen will be departing today for TAR All-Stars or whatever its gonna be.

And theres also a huge chance the queen is gonna be on Big Brother 16 with Elissa this summer

2014= Year of the Red Queen

jordanlorsung: Lily Rabe is listed as being in 13/13 of the new episodes ;)

Thank god! She’s literally my favorite and I didn’t see her at all when they showed what was coming up but glad to hear that:) thank you!!

Okay American Horror Story: Coven was awesome. Loving Emma Robert’s character and Jessica Langes.

But where the hell was Lily Rabe…she was legit shown for a minute total…. not a good sign

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Who I Think Will Be on All-Stars 2

This is a neutral look on who I think will be considered (assuming Season 8 onward)

1. Daniele Donato (Big Brother 8 & 13)

2. Eric Stein (Big Brother 8)

3. Jessica Hughbanks (Big Brother 8)

4. Sheila Kennedy (Big Brother 9)

5. James Zinkand (Big Brother 9)

6. Dan Gheesling (Big Brother 10 & 14)

7. Keesha Smith (Big Brother 10)

8. Renny Martyn (Big Brother 10)

9. Jeff Schroeder (Big Brother 11 & 13)

10. Britney Haynes (Big Brother 12 & 14)

11. Brendon Villegas (Big Brother 12 & 13)

12. Rachel Reilly (Big Brother 12 & 13)

13. Porsche Briggs (Big Brother 13)

14. Shelly Moore (Big Brother 13)

15. Ian Terry (Big Brother 14)

16. Shane Meaney (Big Brother 14)

17. Frank Eudy (Big Brother 14)

18. Elissa Slater (Big Brother 15)

19. Amanda Zuckerman (Big Brother 15)

20. Helen Kim (Big Brother 15)

Literally sitting here speechless and shocked. I think he just screwed himself cause I think GinaMarie will get the votes #ipray

So tonight BB US history will be made


A. The first openly gay houseguest will win.

B. The first female will win against a male in the final two.

C. The most nominated houseguest of all time will win.

….yet I could not be farther from excited